Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Daddy/Daughter Date Night

When the tickets went on sale for this year's Daddy Daughter Date Night, Clayton made sure to get some for him and Kate.  He really started talking it up to her and she got so excited.  Who wouldn't get excited about uninterrupted one on one time with their daddy??  She said all along that she wanted to wear a yellow dress like Belle (in Beauty and the Beast) and he would wear a yellow tie.  Precious
Yellow is kind of a hard color to find in the winter... I ordered a precious dress from Etsy and they went out and bought a new shirt and tie for Clayton - all set.  Well, the week of the dance and her dress wasn't coming in.  The day before the dance, I started to get a little panicked... it still wasn't here.  No worries - Sister came to the rescue.  She made some phone calls and we were able to borrow a dress from the Thompsons... and it was even gold!  That was close enough to yellow!  Kate was so excited and was so sweet getting ready.  I even put a little makeup on her :)

 She thought she was so cool with her corsage.  I got a little teary-eyed watching Clayton put it on her.
 They had a fantastic time and danced the night away.
 They went to Chill after the dance, so Kate was beyond spoiled.
 Aren't they so cute?  Love Love Love that Clayton likes to do stuff like this with our girls. 
And it's even better that Kate likes to do stuff with her daddy... pretty special!

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